Paras over The Barras

There's a war on and for Glasgow, like the rest of Britain, that means air raids, black-outs, food rationing, barrage balloons and the pain of parting as husbands and fathers go off to fight.

For the McSorleys and their neighbours in the East End tenements its a case of making the best of what life has to offer.

This is their laugh-a-line story capturing all the wit and spirit of city life during the dark days of the forties when the grit and humour of Glaswegians overcame all adversities. James Barclay has created a marvellous range of characters which evoke a wonderful nostalgic picture of the Glasgow we used to know.


A trip to the seaside proves unfortunate for Darren and Debra's grandmother as she is left behind. Does this prove she is an encumbrance to the family or that the family is self-centred and selfish


Daisies is a straightforward, heart-on-sleeve double monologue for a young couple who become parents of a much-loved and long-awaited baby daughter, Daisy, only to face the horror of losing her in a sudden cot death; the play achieves a real tear-jerking power without ever sliding into soap-opera sentimentality.