Treasure Island

This year's panto sees us meeting outside the Admiral Benbow Inn owned by Aunt Sally Forth, assisted by her son Jack and his sister Mary. In on the tide comes Long John Silver who holds one half of a treasure map. With him are his merry band of henchmen, Jolly Roger and Blind Pugh & Israel hands and Ben Gunn;

Jim Hawkins, joins the above mentioned along with Squire Trelawney and Doctor Livesey, not forgetting Spot the Dog and together we all sail off on The Hispaniola in search of the long lost treasure. Sally Forth holds the other half of the map and Silver tries to get his hands on it any way he can by hook or by crook!

Arriving on the desert island everyone goes off in search of the treasure which leads to much skull duggery. Who will find the treasure, and will we have a happy ever after?


“Nunsense” is a Musical Comedy by Dan Goggin who says that although it may be hard to believe after you’ve seen the show, each of the Little Sisters of Hoboken is based on a real life nun! Come along and join our audience to watch them display their divine talents in a zany benefit revue; an attempt to raise money for their fallen sisters….unfortunate victims of a cooking accident! Mother Superior (Betty Gibson) is aided by her order of eccentric and endearing nuns. Sister Mary Hubert (Carolyn Cheape) Mistress of Novices, second in command and always competing with Mother Superior. Sister Robert Anne (Joanna Fitzgerald), a streetwise tough character from Brooklyn, she is a constant source of aggravation for Mother Superior. Sister Mary Amnesia (Muriel Gordon) who lost her memory after a crucifix fell on her head, and last but not least Sister Mary Leo (Kim Brymer) the novice, who entered the convent with the firm desire to become the first nun ballerina! Linda Dey, Lynne Easton and Siobhan Fagan, collectively make up the surviving members of the 'Mount St Helen's School Choir'

The Yellow On The Broom

Betsy Whyte was born into a traveller family in 1919 and brought up in the age old tradition of the 'mist people' - constantly moving around the country and settling down in one place only during the winter. It was while the family were 'housed up' at this time of the year that she received her education, attending a number of village schools before winning a scholarship to Brechin High School, where she was the only traveller child. She gave up the traveller life when she married in 1939 and started writing about her childhood in the 1970s.

The Yellow On The Broom is the first part of her autobiography. Not only is it a fascinating insight into the life and customs of traveller people in the 1920s and 30s, it is also a thought proving account of human strength and weakness, courage and cowardice, understanding and prejudice by a sensitive and entertaining writer.

We'll Be Home Tomorrow

The play is a wryly observed comic drama on family life. School breaks up and the annual summer holiday begins. 'Where to go?' presents the first problem, followed by the interminable car journey, arrival, a sortie to the beach and a minefield of disasters which the family encounter along the way.

Basically it's a family's 'typically British' annual summer holiday, set roughly in the early 70s when every family went off on a seaside holiday (every year!) The play progresses through various short scenes depicting the car journey, the roadside picnic, getting there (eventually), the hotel, the beach, the talent contest, the holiday romance... the list goes on.

Everyone will be able to identify with something in the play.

Too Much Punch For Judy

PunchJudy RehearsalToo Much Punch for Judy tells the true story of an incident which happened on May 20th 1983.

Using only the words of those involved or closely affected, the play explores the problems surrounding the death of Joanna when her sister was at the wheel in a drink-drive incident. The play looks at the sisters relationship with each other and their mother. It then concentrates on the actual crash and immediate aftermath, mainly through the eyes of one the first witnesses at the scene. PC Chris Caten, in real life a good friend of the family, then has to break news of Joanna's death to her mother and Judy in turn, before the mother and daughter are left to deal with their loss.